Hey, as you can see, my icon is really exciting.
Does anyone know of where I can find a good one or have a castoff they'd like to share?
and this relates to the community because???
Well, it's gotta have Roy on it, of course.
many thanks

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*hugs everyone here* as far as im concerned anyone who likes mustang is the greatest! woowoo! so im glad this community is here! :D im a newbie at FMA i just [ in the past 2 months ] started buying the dvds! but its such a great story and the characters are wonderful! <3 well anyway i joined to make some new friends and talk to people who have common likes as me so here i am! and nice to meet you all :)
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Well, when I saw this community, I knew that I just had to join, because ROY MUSTANG IS THE SMEX! *glomps him* And I am a HUGE RoyxEd shipper! *may post some of her fics here someday*
I haven't seen all of FMA yet, because I am forced to watch it on Adult Swim, but I am hoping that they will play the whole thing. Does anyone know if they will? *crosses her fingers* I hope so!
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My friends and I are planning a skit for an anime convention coming up and we found Roy's Character song.
Shounen yo, Shinjiru Nakama yo and I was wonder if anyone had heard it...or if anyone could tell me what the duce he is singing about?! I need more then MY TRAIN IN RAIN...lol...any help would rock THANKS!

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Good Day

The info page for this community said that new members should introduce themselves.
So, Hi! I'm Rie. It should go without saying that I'm a huge fan of Hagaren and Roy Mustang.
By nature, I usually just mostly read and seldom post, so you may not hear from me much...